Fisherman’s Haven Park, Tignish Shore PEI.

lighter tignish shore lighthouse

I was contacted recently by Franklin Pitre about posting a notice for a musical event to be held in Fisherman’s Haven Park, at Tignish Shore this Sunday coming.

I figured the best way to do the notice justice was to visit the park, take some pictures and learn more about the event, the park and the community of Tignish Shore.

We were met at the park by Ronnie McRae, the Head Chair of the Municipality of Tignish Shore. (aka ‘The Mayor’ –sorry Ronnie, I had to!)  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Tignish Shore is actually a village; Tignish Shore (Settlement) was adopted in 1958, status changed to Hamlet in 1960, and  incorporated as a Community in 1975. Current Pop 73.

Fisherman’s Haven Park was a provincial park for many years but when the provincial government started divesting itself of parks, it was offered to the community of Tignish Shore. In 2008 working with Resources West and funded by both levels of government, the Light House was moved from the harbour to the park and restored, a boardwalk was constructed and the infrastructure at the park was repaired and upgraded.  The newly renovated park was officially opened July 26, 2009.

With strong community support and dedicated volunteers, the parked still struggled to make ends meet. In 2011 with the assistance of Tignish Initiatives and both levels of government, the Take-Out was refit with equipment, an outdoor stage was constructed and the parking & interpretation were upgraded, all in an effort to provide opportunities for the park to accommodate visitors and generate revenues to sustain the operation.

Tignish Shore Beach

The park is very well maintained and provides an ideal location for everything from small musical events and fundraisers to family picnics, reunions and simple play days at the beach.

There is a gift shop inside the Lighthouse containing a lovely collection of locally made crafts, jams and other treats, as well as brochures, area information and maps.



StageThe main reason for our meeting was to let the public know about Fisherman’s Haven Park as a destination for visits by families with children (new playgound equipment!) , music lovers (ongoing musical events thought out the summer)  beach lovers (well maintained boardwalk and clean red sand) as well as a venue for entertainment.

There is a brand new modern wired and lighted stage available for modestly priced rental.  Proceeds would go to the Park fund, as do all donations offered by patrons of all the local events.


Public washrooms are available, as well as showers, all very clean and well equipped. There is also an onsite canteen with many great meals, shakes and snacks, and quite a few flavours of ice cream!

Tignish Shore Aerial View

The picture on the lower right is an aerial view, taken from the top of the Lighthouse.  (Don’t forget to take a walk to the top and enjoy the surrounding view!)  It shows the stage, in relation to the canteen (foreground) with showers at the rear.  The playground area and Fisherman’s monument are below the Lighthouse, out of view in the picture.

For info on the coming event, check the events calendar on this website! (or set aside Sunday July 15th from 1:30 to 4pm, and come to the park!)

For info on the stage rental, call Ronnie McRae at 902-882-2516.

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