Tignish Heritage Inn and Gardens

Bench ViewBuilt in 1868, this restored Heritage property offers the unique charm of the past with all the modern amenities. Featuring magnificent floral gardens, walkways, ponds and small waterfalls, the Inn grounds are not only an enhancement to the property, but a beautiful and peaceful place for guests and area residents to spend some thoughtful time and go for walks to admire the flowers. garden pond






The Heritage Inn began its service as Our Lady of the Angels Convent in the mid 1860’s, in response to the parishioners need for better educational facilities. Bishop Peter MacIntyre made a promise to the parishioners: as soon as a convent was built in the community, he would make sure that some sisters from Montreal would come to live there to teach.  The people of the area began at once to construct the convent, building it with brick from the Frances O. Hughes brickyard located in St Felix, PEI. Two years later, Bishop MacIntyre wrote to Montreal to inform the sisters that the building was ready for them.

Many reports of the beauty of the building and of the preparations being made had reached the sisters, but the reality surpassed anything they could have imagined. What astonished them most was that they were the recipients of such a magnificent convent built by the parishioners who themselves had only the basic necessities.  (One interesting point; the stained glass window on the second floor of the Inn, originally from the chapel, shows St Brigid holding a church – This church is Montreal’s Christ Church Cathedral.)

window comp

montreal (2)Classes in the convent began on October 14, 1868 with fourteen pupils, three of whom were boarders. The building functioned as a private girl’s school for fifty-four years before becoming a public learning institution. Classes were taught at the convent until January 1966.

After ninety-seven years as an educational institute, the convent was redecorated to serve as living quarters for the resident sisters. The convent closed its doors for good in 1991.

                                                         Christ Church Cathedral, Montrealchapel 1890 2012

The Convent Chapel in 1890                                                         The Chapel today

The convent chapel dates from the building of the convent in 1868. Nothing remains from what is seen here, apart from some candlesticks.  The chapel today is used for meetings, conferences, family reunions and wedding receptions.

Students 1890

Students & Staff, circa 1890, Our Lady of the Angels Convent, Tignish  PEI.

In 1993, Tignish Initiatives Corporation (a non-profit community development group) purchased the building, hoping to restore and convert it to a multi-use meeting and accommodation facility, renaming it the Tignish Heritage Inn.

The careful restoration and attention to historical details resulted in the organisation being awarded a 1994 Architectural Preservation Award from the Board of Governors of the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation.  The Tignish Heritage Inn opened for business in 1995.

Convent 1900Inn Side View

Convent circa 1900                                                      Tignish Heritage Inn 2012

Today, the Tignish Heritage Inn is a choice destination in one of the most beautiful and scenic areas of Prince Edward Island. Minutes from North Cape, beaches and golf, within walking distance of restaurants, museum, shopping and mile zero of Confederation Trail, the Inn has a beautiful lounge, and 17 guest rooms with private bath/shower and cable TV as well as a Honeymoon suite. doubletwins

Kitchen and laundry facilities available as well.  The Inn is also open to groups year round for all manner of gatherings, from company Christmas parties to conventions.

Garden church view

Tucked in behind the St Simon and St Jude Church, home of the fully restored 130 year old Mitchell tracker organ, the Tignish Heritage Inn is the perfect spot for a quiet getaway, or to start your PEI explorations.

For more information or to book accommodations, check out the website or call 902-882-2491.

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